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How to deactivate SDM and allow for screw drive autofocus with DA* 16-50mm f/2.8

25 mars 2014, 21:26, par KC

This is just great !
My 2.8 16-50 ED AL IF SDM works with autofocus again ! (25/03/2014)
But now without the SDM, which worked only for about 500 shots....
How awful that Pentax produces this kind of error ; and that after using Pentax for 30 years. I still have all the bodies and lenses, they still work fine and never had a problem... but thats a different matter... :-)
Many thanks to all you competent people who figured this out and took the time to share it with us.

However, I have a few remarks that might help others :

- My K7 had firmware V1.12 and I couldn’t get it to work so I changed back to 1.01, but that made no difference.
- Still in V1.01, I tought that maybe the "PKTETHER" didn’t work ; it opened and controled the K7 but it refused to go into DEBUG.
- I looked at all the information pages again and studied this page in detail : [url=http://www.pentax-hack.info/documen...]Debug mode[/url] a got a minor brainwave :

- Why not control the K7 with these commands on the SD directly instead of with PKTETHER ?
- This worked great :
- I made a modset.474 file as sugested on this page and with notepad++ made the commands :


- Switched on the K7 while pressing menu and got into debug straight away.
- Then followed the exact instructions as made on this page
- When all was done I switched off the K7
- Took out the sd card and changed the commands on the sd card with notepad++ to :


- Then switched of the K7
- Took out the SD card and put in a clean SD card
- Switched it on again and voila !!

I haven’t switched back to firmware version v1.12, or even v1.13, being afraid to ruin everything again. The extra features of the v1.12/1.13 don’t realy interest me so I don’t want to take the risk.But I don’t think that the firmware version has anything to do with it.
I sugest you try it with the latest version, see what happens and let us know !

And now it’s back to using my autofocus again !

Thanks again !

PS : I’m dutch but live in France, so if you need help with this in frence, dutch or german feel free to drop me a line.

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